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Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a skill game in which you have to slice the fruit with your sword. Get ready to unleash some juicy and colorful havoc!

How to play Fruit Ninja?

Swipe with your mouse or your finger to slash the fruit with your sword. Watch out: along with the fruit that’s being tossed into the air, the occasional bomb will also fly by.

If you accidentally slash a bomb, that’ll be instant death. Luckily, the bomb deflector bomb items will help you knock them out of the way when you accidentally hit one.

This game has three game modes:

  • CLASSIC MODE - This game mode has endless levels. Three strikes and you’re out for any fruit you drop, and hitting a bomb means instant game over.
  • ZEN MODE - There are no bombs and no fouls in this game mode, just 1:30 minutes of blissful fruit slashing.
  • ARCADE MODE - This game mode gives you 60 seconds of frantic slicing and dicing, with lots of chaotic bonus action and no fouls for dropped fruit.

You can upgrade your player level by completing various missions. Head to the Sensei’s Swag section to unlock cool new weapons.

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Who created Fruit Ninja?

Fruit Ninja was created by Y2G Pte. Ltd.

When was Fruit Ninja published?

This title was published on our free games website on January 15, 2023.