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Sokoban 3D: Chapter 5

What’s blocking all of these paths? It’s time to find out in Sokoban 3D: Chapter 5.

Take control of the block in this puzzle game. See if you can move all the blocks that are preventing it from reaching its goal in every challenging level.

How to Play Sokoban 3D: Chapter 5?

Sokoban 3D: Chapter 5 is a 3D puzzle game where you’ll try to move a block toward a certain spot. Various other blocks will be obstructing its path. Bump into them in order to move them to different locations so your block can continue its journey.

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE ARROW KEYS to move your block.
  • W,A,S,D will also move your block.

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Who Developed Sokoban 3D: Chapter 5?

Sokoban 3D: Chapter 5 was created by BeedoGames.