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Soda Can Knockdown

Welcome to a carnival where you can test your virtual throwing skills. How will you do once you step up to the booth that's waiting for you in Soda Can Knockdown?

You’ll need to toss baseballs at the stacks of cans on the shelf in this online version of the classic carnival game. Some of them are full of soda so they might be difficult to knock down!

How to Play Soda Can Knockdown?

Soda Can Knockdown is a fun shoot and throw game. Will you be able to knock over all of the soda cans? You’ll only get a certain number of balls during each challenging level so be sure to aim carefully!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND MOVE THE MOUSE BACK to determine how hard you’ll throw each ball.
  • RELEASE THE LEFT BUTTON to throw a ball.

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Who Developed Soda Can Knockdown?

Soda Can Knockdown was created by MarketJS.