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Pop It vs. Spinner

How much of the board can you clear in Pop It vs. Spinner? See if you can get through all three levels in this pop it fidget game.

If you really like pop it fidget toys, you'll get a big kick out of this pop it game. Burst the colorful bubbles as quickly as you can. If you run out of moves to make, you can activate one of the spinners. It will help reveal additional bubbles.

How to Play Pop It vs. Spinner?

Will you be able to pop all the bubbles in this fun and challenging clicker game? You'll need to click on identical ones that are adjacent to one another to pop and remove them from the board. Just break out a spinner if you get stuck!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK on identical bubbles to pop and remove them from the board.

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Who Developed Pop It vs. Spinner?

Pop It vs. Spinner was created by Bestphysics.