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Machine Gun Squad

Get ready to take on an entire army of bad guys in Machine Gun Squad!

You won’t be going in all by yourself, though! Your team will be supporting you with supply drops as you eliminate your enemies one by one. Duck for cover while you wait for just the right moments to take aim and fire away.

You’ll earn valuable coins for each and every one of them you send to an early grave in this action-packed shooting game! Trade them in for even cooler weapons, bullets, skins, and other supplies when you get a few moments to catch your breath.

How to Play Machine Gun Squad?

Machine Gun Squad is a thrilling action game. Join a brave commando and his friends on an epic mission.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT CLICK the crosshairs to fire your weapon.

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Who Developed Machine Gun Squad?

Machine Gun Squad was created by YAD.Com.