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Jeep Driver

Things are about to get bumpy in Jeep Driver. Will you reach the checkpoints in this challenging online game?

Jump behind the wheel of a jeep and start exploring a desert full of ghost towns and gorgeous scenery in this skill game. The vehicle is a bit hard to drive, though. The rough trails you'll be using won't make your journey an easy one either. You'll definitely need to stay focused!

How to Play Jeep Driver?

Find out if you can maneuver an old jeep down a series of dusty and difficult trails in this driving game. Will you reach the checkpoints? The jeep can endure only a moderate amount of damage before it breaks down!

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to accelerate.
  • PRESS THE DOWN ARROW OR LEFT ARROW to go in reverse.
  • PRESS THE UP ARROW to bounce.

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Who Developed Jeep Driver?

Jeep Driver was created by JulGames.