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Impostor: Rampage

How far will you make it in Impostor: Rampage? There could be no end to the enormous space station in this exciting action game!

Run for your life in this thrilling installment of the popular Impostor series. You’ll be dodging lasers, blasting over floating barriers, and more. Fortunately, there’s plenty of useful items and coins to collect along the way.

How to Play Impostor: Rampage?

Make your way through a space station full of danger in this platform game. You can team up with another player or go it alone! 

Game Controls

Player One Controls (in One Player Mode)

  • PRESS W OR LEFT CLICK to use your jetpack.

Player One Controls (in Two Player Mode)

  • PRESS W to use your jetpack.

Player Two Controls

  • PRESS THE UP ARROW OR LEFT CLICK to use your jetpack.

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Who Developed Impostor: Rampage?

Impostor: Rampage was created by