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Geometry Neon Dash: Rainbow

Get ready to race for your life in Geometry Neon Dash: Rainbow! How far will you make it in this fast-paced arcade game?

Team up with a brave cube as it blasts through a world full of danger in this avoiding game. You'll need to leap over or avoid super sharp spikes, spinning saw blades, and more! There's also other cubes you can unlock and join forces with along the way.

How to Play Geometry Neon Dash: Rainbow?

Geometry Neon Dash: Rainbow is an intense skill game. Help a cube stay safe as it avoids various obstacles. It's also incredibly delicate. Even bumping into a wall will make it shatter into a million pieces!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to jump.

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Who Developed Geometry Neon Dash: Rainbow?

Geometry Neon Dash: Rainbow was created by