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Birdy Trick

It's time to go exploring in Birdy Trick!

This cute bird just woke up from a nap. Now he's ready to check out what’s happening around the forest he calls home. Unfortunately, it's full of danger. You'll need to help him avoid hungry eagles, thunderclouds, bees, and lots more in this challenging Flappy Bird game! Will you earn an impressive high-score?

How to Play Birdy Trick?

Join an adorable avian explorer in this action game. He'll need to dodge everything from other birds to trees as he tries to make it to the end of each and every intense level, especially once the pace speeds up!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate through the menu.
  • LEFT CLICK to make the bird flap his wings.

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Who Developed Birdy Trick?

Birdy Trick was created by