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Hero Tower War

Hero Tower War is the real version of the game you’ve seen in those fake game ads. Move your hero to the right rooms of the enemy tower. Fight enemies weaker than your hero to collect more strength until you can beat the final boss.

How to play Hero Tower War?

In each level, you’ll see a tower filled with monsters. Each one has a number, as does your hero. Attack only those monsters will a power level weaker than your own. Stronger monsters (and even monsters of equal strength) will defeat you.

When you beat a monster, its power count will be added to your own, making your hero much stronger. Now, you’ll be able to beat some other monsters you couldn’t handle before!

Collecting weapons will also boost your strength, but watch out for obstacles that will reduce it.  

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Who created Hero Tower War?

Hero Tower War was created by Gamee JSC. 

When was Hero Tower War first released?

This game was first released on March 28, 2024.