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Detective Loupe Puzzle

Will you be able to crack the cases in Detective Loupe Puzzle? Join the fearless investigator while he gets to work in this challenging online game.

You'll need to carefully inspect the crime scene in each level of this point and click game. What happened might be more complicated than it seems at first! Will you be able to figure out the identities of various crooks and killers while you protect the innocent and even deal with a stressful incident involving a bickering family and a few missing chocolate chip cookies?

How to Play Detective Loupe Puzzle?

Join Detective Loupe while he tries to solve a case in each level of this puzzle game. You'll need to look for clues, interview potential suspects, and more.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select clues, evidence, and more.

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Who Developed Detective Loupe Puzzle?

Detective Loupe Puzzle was created by Physical Form.