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Dangerous Roads

Jump behind the wheel of a really odd vehicle in Dangerous Roads. How long will you be able to keep moving in this funny online game?

You'll be taking control of a car shaped like a hot dog in this racing game. That's just the beginning of the challenges that are waiting for you! It's not the best day for all of this. The weather is going to be really rainy and windy. Oh, and the roads you’ll be using are floating high in the sky and they don’t have any safety barriers. Good luck up there!

How to Play Dangerous Roads?

Dangerous Roads is an intense and somewhat unusual driving game. Avoid the edges of the roads while you deal with rain, wind, very slick puddles, and the occasional bolt of lightning that will tear a hole in the pavement!

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE LEFT AND RIGHT ARROWS OR A AND D to drive either left or right.

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Who Developed Dangerous Roads?

Dangerous Roads was created by MarketJS.