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Road Climb Racer

Road Climb Racer is a funny 2D line racing game. Speed along the hilly road and try to beat the other two jeeps to the finish. Make sure you don’t crash!

How to play Road Climb Racer?

In this uphill racing game, you have to try to reach the finish. If you can beat the two other drivers to it, that’s even better. But your primary aim should be to even reach the finish in the first place.

Racing down the bumpy road, your jeep can easily tip over and explode. Make sure you keep your balance by slowing down as you approach the ramps and speeding up after you nail the landing.

Collect coins to upgrade your jeep. You can protect your car with better armor, or improve the car’s speed and acceleration. Can you complete all 15 levels?

Game Controls


  • Use the arrow keys to speed up or drive backwards.


  • Tap the two gas pedals to drive forward or backward.

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Who developed Road Climb Racer?

Road Climb Racer was created by Kiz10.