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Adam and Eve 8

Adam is about to begin a high-flying adventure! Tag along with him in Adam and Eve 8.

The courageous caveman has somehow found himself stuck on top of a cloud. Fortunately, there's a few seemingly random things floating around that will help him get home safely. Try clicking on barrels, plants, and stars in each area while he continues his sky-high journey in this epic Adam and Eve game.

How to Play Adam and Eve 8?

Adam and Eve 8 is an adventure game that lets you tag along with a caveman as he embarks on a trip through the heavens. Will you be able to help him get his feet back on the ground?

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to search for items that might help Adam.
  • LEFT CLICK to try them out.

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Who Developed Adam and Eve 8?

Adam and Eve 8 was created by Functu.