Office Games

  • Office Slacking 14
    Office Slacking 14
    Played 49 times

    What is there to do when no one is around to make sure you’re working? Slack off, of course! Find fun things to do at work without getting caught!

  • Secret Office Kissing
    Secret Office Kissing
    Played 2110 times

    These two officer workers definitely have the hots for one another. Can you help them sneak in a few smooches while they’re still on the clock? They’ll need to kiss while their boss is distracted in this romantic stealth game.

  • Kill Time in the Office
    Kill Time in the Office
    Played 289 times

    This office worker has a lot to do today but not all of it is work-related. Can you help her complete some much needed primping without her boss finding out in this slacking game?

  • Kissing During Work
    Kissing During Work
    Played 448 times

    Wait until your boss turns his back and kiss your colleague for as long as you can!

  • Don't Whack Your Boss With Super Power
    Don't Whack Your Boss With Super Power
    Played 1651 times

    Your boss just dropped more work in your lap. Would you like to slice him up with Wolverine’s claws or zap him with ice like a warrior from Mortal Kombat? You can do either one in this online game.

  • Whack Your Boss 2
    Whack Your Boss 2
    Played 2731 times

    Your boss has gone too far this time! It’s time to whack him. Have a look around your cubicle and see if there’s anything you can use to get rid of him for good in this crazy online game.

  • Office Animals
    Office Animals
    Played 38 times

    Are you in an animalistic mood today?

  • Office Slacking 12
    Office Slacking 12
    Played 111 times

    The weekend is over and now it's time to get back to work. Boo! There are piles of tasks to get done, but Sarah can't be bothered... Her life resolution is to keep slacking and having fun!

  • Hide Online
    Hide Online
    Played 562 times

    They can run but they can’t hide! Hunt down totally crazy stuff like chairs and coffee cups that are determined to avoid getting captured. Join players from all around the world while they attempt to take out all the objects in this office that seem to have minds of their own. Can you hunt them all down before your opponents do in this weird and wild multiplayer action game?

  • Five Minutes to kill
    Five Minutes to kill
    Played 483 times

    Help Stan kill himself in under five minutes! Use staplers, chainsaws, piñatas and more to bite the dust once and for all! Work has just become too much for Stan to bear. Navigate around the office and use any means necessary to put this misery to an end, but be quick about it!

  • Toss a Paper 2
    Toss a Paper 2
    Played 1159 times

    How many bits of paper can you get in the rubbish bin? Give it a go, won't you?

  • Desktop Racing
    Desktop Racing
    Played 2 times

    Have you got the drive to succeed in a fast-paced office environment?

  • Toss A Paper MP
    Toss A Paper MP
    Played 101 times

    Tossing a crumpled paper ball in an trash can is ultimately satisying. Compete against other players worldwide a become the paper ball tossing champion!

  • Silly Bob: A Day at the Office
    Silly Bob: A Day at the Office
    Played 46 times

    Play immature office games with a very bored Bob!

  • Office War
    Office War
    Played 35 times

    Throw paper balls at your work colleagues!

  • Toss a Paper
    Toss a Paper
    Played 35 times

    You are stuck in the office again and you need to kill some time?

  • Office Slacking
    Office Slacking
    Played 218 times

    This young woman is stuck at the office and she’s totally bored. Help her goof off without her boss noticing in this slacking game. How many of these silly mini-tasks can you accomplish before she runs out of time?

  • Office Strike 2
    Office Strike 2
    Played 0 times

    Things are really getting out of hand in this dangerous office. Soldiers, warriors, and even the temps are running around with weapons! How long will you survive in this 3D multiplayer action game?

  • Secretary Girl Make Up
    Secretary Girl Make Up
    Played 59 times

    This secretary's office look is always serious; seriously fashion forward!

  • Office Mini-Golf
    Office Mini-Golf
    Played 240 times

    After a long day at work, everything starts to look like a putting range. Bring your friends!

  • Box Office
    Box Office
    Played 306 times

    Buy the right goods and your box office will be booming!

  • At the Office
    At the Office
    Played 4013 times

    It’s Amanda’s first day at the office and she’s got quite a lot on her hands. Can you help her tidy everything up in this hidden objects game? The person who worked there before her definitely made a mess of things.

  • Demoman
    Played 235 times

    Swing your demolition ball to demolish all the office blocks!

  • Lily Slacking Office
    Lily Slacking Office
    Played 0 times

    It’s a very boring day at Lily’s office. Help her nap through a meeting without her boss finding out and prank her coworkers afterward in this crazy slacking game.

  • Office Makeover
    Office Makeover
    Played 26 times

    Working in an office needn't be drab: add some fashion sparkle and it's fab!

  • Office Sneak Out
    Office Sneak Out
    Played 34 times

    If you keep a low profile in the office you may be able to sneak out unnoticed, but someone may be watching!

  • Receptionist's Revenge
    Receptionist's Revenge
    Played 140 times

    It's time for you to get your revenge when your lazy boss's back is turned!

  • Laura Office Slacking Off
    Laura Office Slacking Off
    Played 30 times

    Laura doesn’t have much work to do today at the office. Help her touch up her makeup without her stressed out coworker or nosy boss finding out in this online slacking game.

  • Office Slacking Valentine's Day 7
    Office Slacking Valentine's Day 7
    Played 34 times

    It's Valentine's Day! Help Sarah prepare for a romantic date while she's at work but watch out...don't let her get caught slacking!