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Word Adventures

It’s time to go on an awesome journey through a magical land that will really help you improve your spelling skills! Get ready for lots of vocab fun in Word Adventures!

You’ll be teaming up with these two kids as they explore a valley filled with lots of words to spell. Can you help them figure out the ones in each challenging level in this brain game? If you get stuck, just press the hint or shuffle buttons!

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How to Play Word Adventure?

Word Adventure is an educational game where you’ll tag along with two kids while they use a random assortment of letters to form words. You’ll need to fill in the blanks for all the missing words in each level in order to score tons of points.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE while you try to figure out each missing word.
  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG to form words with the letters.

Who Developed Word Adventure?

Word Adventure was created by Eery Lab.