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Tricky Puzzle

Will you be able to get all the way through Tricky Puzzle? Each and every challenging level of this online game is definitely difficult!

You’ll have to answer all sorts of unusual questions and solve various deceptive puzzles in this trivia game. Show off your smarts and give your brain a workout while you complete mathematical equations, search for hidden responses, and even help a pig oink!

How to Play Tricky Puzzle?

Tricky Puzzle is a fun and challenging puzzle game. Can you work your way through each level? The correct responses aren’t always as obvious as they might seem at first. You’ll have to come up with clever solutions along the way to make it all the way to the end.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select answers or the appropriate responses.

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Who Developed Tricky Puzzle?

Tricky Puzzle was created by AppyApp.