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Train Snake

It's another busy day on the rails! Will you be able to keep everything on the right track in Train Snake

This train has lots of passengers to pick up, but it's dangerous out there. Various gates are malfunctioning and barriers keep blocking its path. Take control of the train and do your best to prevent it from crashing, especially as it gets more crowded. Extra carriages will be added as more and more passengers climb aboard in this train game

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How to Play Train Snake? 

Train Snake is somewhat similar to classic snake games. The train will grow longer and more carriages will be added as it picks up additional passengers. The goal is to reach the end of the line without crashing into gates and various barriers. 

Game Controls 

  • CLICK AND HOLD THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to make the train move. 
  • LET GO OF THE LEFT BUTTON to make the train stop. 

Who Developed Train Snake?

Train Snake was created by BPTop.