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Black Stallion Cabaret

All aboard the Black Stallion Cabaret! Can you defend a railway from a seemingly never-ending army of monsters in this train game?

The monsters in this challenging action game definitely mean business. Team up with the crew of the Black Stallion Cabaret while they protect the train, its passengers, and its cargo at all costs. The mechanic and his colleagues will quickly show you the ropes as the first wave of monsters shows up to cause tons of trouble.

Use and improve your weapons as the train continues its dangerous trip. Start fighting back with cool cannons and tons of arrows. Can you get the Black Stallion Cabaret all the way to the final stop on its journey down some truly terrifying tracks?

How to Play Black Stallion Cabaret?

Take charge of an entire train as it travels down a potentially deadly railway in this intense management game. There’s tons of monsters out there who are determined to destroy it. Strike back at them with lots of powerful weapons and upgrades.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select upgrades, modify weapons, and more.

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Who Developed Black Stallion Cabaret?

Black Stallion Cabaret was created by Persona Games.