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Gangs Idle City

Can you steal tons of cash in Gangs Idle City? Tag along with a pugnacious punk while he tries to make lots of money in this crazy gangster game!

This young punk is eager to show off his new mohawk while he tries to strike it rich in this exciting idle game. He lives in an absolutely adorable bungalow in a really cute community. He's even planted flowers in the front yard! Unfortunately, the mortgage payments on it are pretty brutal. That’s why he'll have to become just as brutal in order to avoid foreclosure!

Instead of starting a side hustle or getting a second job at the local bakery, he's decided to start randomly attacking gangsters and stealing their money! Fortunately, there's tons of them constantly wandering around his neighborhood. Can you help him meet his profit goals in each level?

How to Play Gangs Idle City?

Join an ambitious punk as he tries to make plenty of quick bucks in this action game. He'll be robbing a seemingly endless group of gangsters as he attempts to make a certain amount of money in every level. His attacks will be triggered automatically whenever he encounters one of them.

Game Controls

  • PRESS W, A, S, D OR THE ARROW KEYS to move.

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Who Developed Gangs Idle City?

Gangs Idle City was created by Trendy Games.