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Tennis Masters

Enjoy a quick match or dive into a tournament in Tennis Masters!

You can also challenge the computer or go up against another player in this exciting tennis game. Slam them with a powerful serve that will knock their socks off! Will you be able to rise to the top and prove that you're a true tennis master?

How to Play Tennis Masters?

Tennis Masters is an online game that will let you compete in a quick match or a tournament. There are also two modes of difficulty. Try the normal one before you move on to the hard one.

Game Controls

Player One

  • PRESS W, A, AND D to move.
  • PRESS X to hit the ball.
  • PRESS Z to hit the ball with extra force.

Player Two

  • PRESS L to hit the ball.
  • PRESS K to hit the ball with extra force.

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Who Developed Tennis Masters?

Tennis Masters was created by MadPuffers.