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Super Hero Merge

An epic battle is about to begin! Get ready for a fight to the finish in Super Hero Merge.

It's a fun and challenging card game. Famous superheroes like Spider-Man and Captain America are joining forces to take on everybody from Bane to Harley Quinn. You'll need to combine the hero cards to make them powerful enough to eliminate the villain cards, but don’t forget about their gear! There’s also very cool items like Green Lantern’s ring that you can use as well.

How to Play Super Hero Merge?

Super Hero Merge is a unique game that combines game play from 2048 games and puzzle games as well. Combine the superhero cards based on their numbers in order to make them strong enough to wipe out the cards belonging to their enemies. For example, only a hero card with a 2 or higher on it can eliminate an enemy card with a 2 on it.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to search for cards that match up.
  • LEFT CLICK to combine them.

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Who Developed Super Hero Merge?

Super Hero Merge was created by Lorastudio.