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Stealth Hunter

You’ll need to be as quiet as a mouse and as quick as lightning in Stealth Hunter. Will you be able to sneak in and out of this thrilling online game?

Team up with a fearless thief in this exciting stickman game. He'll be infiltrating a highly-secured skyscraper full of cash for him to steal. It's also full of security cameras as well as guards, all of whom will not hesitate to break out their machine guns! Fortunately, you can fight back with his samurai sword!

How to Play Stealth Hunter?

How much cash will you grab in this intense action game? Collect as much of it as you can while you try to avoid guards and security cameras. Will you reach the elevator at the end of each level?

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of the thief.
  • MOVE THE MOUSE to guide him through each level. He’ll attack guards automatically.

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Who Developed Stealth Hunter?

Stealth Hunter was created by BPTop.