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Stars Strike

There are altogether too many blocks in Stars Strike! Can you keep them under control in this block removal puzzle game?

Each block has a colored star on it. Use your own block to wipe out one or more rows of blocks in this fast-paced puzzle game. How long will you be able to keep going before the blocks reach the top of the screen? See if you can earn an awesome high-score!

How to Play Stars Strike?

Strike back at a never-ending pile of blocks with stars on them in this match game. Use your own block to eliminate one or several rows of blocks by moving it over an identical block. For example, a purple star block can eliminate another purple star block and all the other blocks in its row. If it touches two or more purple star blocks, those rows will be eliminated as well.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK on a spot on the board to move your block there.

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Who Developed Stars Strike?

Stars Strike was created by Lof Games.