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Royal Society

Family Nest: Royal Society - Farm Bay Adventures is a well-designed 3D farming game with lots of fun game features. You’ve unexpectedly been invited back to the family estate as the heir of the Owl family. But when you arrive, you find out that the once-splendid estate isn’t what it used to be… The place could really use some patching up!

How to play Royal Society?

When you arrive at the estate, your cousin will be waiting for you to explain how everything around the farm works. Harvest crops to fulfill orders from the Diamond Falls marketplace, and purchase new seeds and beds to plant more tubers and vegetables.

You can also create refined flour products in the mill and cook in the workshop, but you will have to restore these buildings first to unlock new tools and recipes. Collect stone, clay, grass, and wood from the forested land surrounding the farm.

You can plant fruit trees and pick apples, pears, cherries, and more. Unlock lots of interesting crops to grow, and purchase all kinds of farm animals to raise on your estate. There is plenty to do in this rural adventure game, including various mini games and challenges!

Game Controls

  • Use the MOUSE to play. LEFT CLICK and HOLD to control your character.
  • LEFT CLICK on items around the farm. Icons will pop up. Select the action you want.

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Who Developed Royal Society?

Royal Society was created by INFINITE.