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Pool 8 Ball Mania

Challenge a friend or the computer in Pool 8 Ball Mania. Will you be able to prove that you're a real pool shark?

You'll need some sharp skills in this challenging and fun billiards game. Grab the cue and start sinking shots while you race against the clock. It's time to find out if you'll be the first player to sink the 8 ball and declare victory!

How to Play Pool 8 Ball Mania?

Pool 8 Ball Mania is an online pool game that uses standard rules. Take turns while you play against another gamer or the computer as you try to get either the striped or solid balls into the pockets. The first player to remove all of their balls from the table and get the 8 ball into a pocket will win.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim your pool cue.
  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to determine the power of your shots.
  • LEFT CLICK to hit a ball with your pool cue.

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Who Developed Pool 8 Ball Mania?

Inlogic Software created Pool 8 Ball Mania.