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City Bike Stunt 2

Go up against a friend or head out on a solo ride in City Bike Stunt 2!

Several thrilling race tracks are waiting for you in this awesome bike game. Blast through turns and blaze past your opponent while you try to be the first one to the cross all the finish lines. You can also customize your motorcycle between races or purchase even better ones.

There’s also a cool free riding mode that will help you improve your driving and stunt skills. Zoom through loops, fly down gigantic tubes, and soar high over the streets below after you blast off a ramp!

How to Play City Bike Stunt 2?

City Bike Stunt 2 is a cool racing game. Conquer several different tracks or go exploring in a free riding mode.

Game Controls

Player 1

  • PRESS THE ARROWS to drive.
  • PRESS N for nitro.
  • PRESS C to change the camera angle.

Player 2

  • PRESS W, A, S, D to drive.
  • PRESS T for nitro.
  • PRESS Q to change the camera angle.

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Who Developed City Bike Stunt 2?

City Bike Stunt 2 was created by RHM Interactive.