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Pinball World Cup

How many goals can you score in Pinball World Cup? Press the flippers as fast as you can in this sports-themed pinball game!

You won’t have much time to score as many goals as you can in each exciting level of this football game. Use the flippers to knock the balls toward the goal as they bounce off the walls and slam into the players on the other team. Will you earn enough points to get through each and every challenging level?

How to Play Pinball World Cup?

Pinball World Cup is a thrilling online sports game that combines elements from football (or soccer if you would prefer) and pinball. Use the flippers to knock the balls into the goal. You’ll need to earn a certain amount of points in each level before time runs out.

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE LEFT AND RIGHT ARROWS to use the flippers.

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Who Developed Pinball World Cup?

Pinball World Cup was created by MarketJS.