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People Onet

How quickly can you link everyone together in People Onet? Explore over 100 cities as you connect their citizens in this fun board game.

Each city contains a group of mixed-up citizens. Can you pair them with someone who looks just like them? See how fast you can remove everyone from the board in this matching game. If you get stuck, just click on the magnifying glass for a hint!

How to Play People Onet?

People Onet is a challenging puzzle game. You’ll need to link together two identical people on the board in each level, but there will need to be a clear path between them. For example, you cannot connect someone on the outer edges of the board with someone in the middle of it.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to connect and remove people from the board.

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Who Developed People Onet?

People Onet was created by 2Play.