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One Escape

One Escape is a platform-based escaping game in which you have to help three bank robbers break out of jail.

One day, tough guys Dook, Gor, and Hog came up with a plan to rob a bank. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Things were working out fine until the police showed up to arrest them. Now, they’re in prison. Can you help each of the three burly criminals find a way out?

How to Play One Escape?

This platform adventure game is divided into three chapters. Each chapter is made up of a set of levels focused on one member of the gang. 

Each character has a unique set of abilities. For instance, Dook can break open the metal vents and crawl through narrow passages. Collect the key cards to open the doors, reach the switches to deactivate the laser beams and security cameras, and hide in the shadows to avoid being detected by the guards.

Game Controls

  • J = Jump, tap twice for a double jump
  • A/D = Move left/right
  • E = Action key

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Who Developed One Escape?

This game was created by the developer Stickman vs Monster School Team.