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Mr. Bullet 2 Online

This ruthless assassin has another busy night ahead of him. Help him get to work in Mr. Bullet 2 Online.

His list of targets just seems to keep getting longer and longer. Tag along with him while he takes them down, one by one, in this shooting game. It won't be easy. He's running low on bullets and it’s raining, too. You’ll need to make his limited supply of ammo bounce off platforms, walls, and other objects.

Do you like challenging physics games that are full of action and excitement? If so, you should try Apple Shooter, Save the Cowboy, and the original Mr. Bullet.

How to Play Mr. Bullet 2 Online?

Mr. Bullet 2 Online is a fun action game. Help the famous assassin kill all of the criminals in each thrilling level while he uses the awesome power of physics to his advantage!

Who Developed Mr. Bullet 2 Online?

Mr. Bullet 2 Online was created by Kiz10 and TapTap.