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Merge Fish

It's time to head to the pool in Merge Fish. Can you mix and match the fish as they jump into the water in this crazy puzzle game?

Their swimming skills aren't so great, which is why they've brought along some life preservers. They’ll need you to make sure there is plenty of room in the pool for all of them in this puzzle game. Fortunately, they’ll be able to merge together into a single fish if they’re put into groups of three or more.

How to Play Merge Fish?

Merge Fish is a cute animal game. Combine the fish by putting them into groups of three or more based on the numbers on their life preservers. For example, if three fish with the number five are grouped together, they’ll merge into a single one. The game will end when you run out of space.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to make a fish jump in the pool.

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Who Developed Merge Fish?

Merge Fish was developed by 2play.