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King Rugni Tower Defense

Your kingdom needs you! Defend it with all your might in King Rugni Tower Defense

The king wants you to rush to Meadowfalls where you’ll have to immediately begin constructing towers before you decide where to plop everything from teleporters to rocket launchers. You’ll need to move fast in this funny tower defense game. A ton of monsters are about to attack at any second! 

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How to Play King Rugni Tower Defense?

King Rugni needs your help in this adventure game! Prepare to lead your forces into battle in a series of wacky military campaigns that will take you to the edges of the kingdom and beyond! The king, your soldiers, and thousands of citizens are depending on you to make smart choices while you build towers, deploy soldiers, and more! 

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE while you make decisions. 
  • LEFT CLICK to place soldiers, towers, and more along each path. 

Who Developed King Rugni Tower Defense? 

King Rugni Tower Defense was created by RavalMatic.