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King Kong Kart Racing

King Kong Kart Racing is a child-friendly car racing game with 3D graphics. Speed along the circuit in your kart and collect enough fuel packs to stay in the race.

How to play King Kong Kart Racing?

Overtake the other karts by driving over the yellow arrows. These will boost the speed of your giant ape’s racing car for a short while, allowing you to pass your opponents.

During the race, your race car will slowly run out of fuel. At the top, you’ll see a blue bar. This shows you how much fuel you have left. Collect the red jerry cans to replenish your supply. When you run out of fuel altogether, the race will end.

You will also build up nitro power while you race. The blue bar at the bottom of the screen will fill up with red energy. When the bar is full, you can press the space key for a powerful speed boost.  

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Who created King Kong Kart Racing?

King Kong Kart Racing was created by MarketJS. 

When was King Kong Kart Racing first released?

This game was first released on May 14, 2024.