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Kids Coloring

Kids Coloring is a simple coloring game with 100 cute pictures for children to color in. There are 5 categories containing 20 line drawings each. The themes of the picture collections are vehicles, animals, plants, tropical fish, and fruit.

How to play Kids Coloring?

Select one of the cute line drawings to color in. Each picture features a simple design, and several painting tools, including brushes and colored pencils. The game also has an autocorrect feature that makes coloring inside the lines easier.

Tap on a color to start painting. Tap and hold as you drag the cursor or your finger over the area you want to color. For thicker lines, choose the brushes. You can use the pencils to add in smaller details like stripes or polka dots.

When you are done, tap the green camera button to view your result. You can then return to the picture to change the colors, or go to the main menu to choose a new picture to color in.

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Who created Kids Coloring?

Kids Coloring was created by 2Play. 

When was Kids Coloring first released?

This game was first released on April 23, 2024.