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Idle Money Tree

You can take care of a potentially profitable plant in Idle Money Tree! Find out if your next harvest will earn you a huge fortune in this clicker game.

Money doesn’t grow on trees in the real world, but it does in this idle game. Will you be able to make tons of cash? Taking care of a money tree isn’t easy, though. You’ll have to make sure it gets plenty of sunlight, that you give it enough water and fertilizer, and much more.

How to Play Idle Money Tree?

Idle Money Tree is a unique farming game that will put you in charge of a magical plant that can crank out cash. Keep harvesting bags of coins that you can use to purchase water and other vital resources. Those will help the tree become happy, healthy, and productively profitable!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to harvest bags of coins, buy resources, and more.

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Who Developed Idle Money Tree?

Idle Money Tree was created by MarketJS.