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Hexa Cars

Put the pedal to the metal in Hexa Cars!

Compete against other players or race alongside a friend in this 3D car game. Get ready to enter a group of futuristic arenas where you’ll definitely need to keep moving. You’ll be blasting along a series of very rickety platforms that will almost immediately begin collapsing the very second anyone drives over them!

The racer who manages to stay in each competition the longest will win. Everyone else will fall into swimming pools...if they’re lucky. Some of these arenas are located over very deep oceans! Needless to say, the stakes in a few of these races are really high!

How to Play Hexa Cars?

Hexa Cars is a thrilling survival game. Enter the arena where you’ll need to keep driving for as long as possible across a series of fragile platforms.

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE ARROWS to drive.

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Who Developed Hexa Cars?

Hexa Cars was created by RHM Interactive.