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Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure is a really tricky but rewarding skill game in which you have to help a cyborg gorilla swing his hammer to climb a dystopian future city. 

How to play Gorilla Adventure?

In the bleak dystopian future of this game, even animal life has been swallowed up by the tech metropolis. Help this cyborg King Kong scale the buildings with his hammer. 

His legs have been replaced by a big metal barrel, so he’ll need to pivot around his hammer to generate enough force and momentum for jumps. Try to hook the hammer on the jutting ledges, and swing around it to pull the gorilla up.

Your mouse or cursor controls the hammer. Move the cursor further from the gorilla to stretch his arms, and move it closer to shorten the hammer’s reach. You can also use the hammer to push the gorilla back a bit to get into position for a good leap or swing.

In some areas, you can get away with swinging your hammer wildly, but in others you’ll really have to take your time to figure out how to get past a tricky ledge, or grasp a jutting platform that’s just out of reach.

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Who created Gorilla Adventure?

Gorilla Adventure was created by GM Media. 

When was Gorilla Adventure first released?

This game was first released on April 19, 2024.