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Football Superstars 2022

Dive into a quick match or a tournament in Football Superstars 2022. See if you can lead your team to victory in this awesome football game.

Some people call it football, other people call it soccer, but everybody will call this online sports game incredibly fun. Select which country's team you'll be managing before you head to the field (or pitch, if you would prefer). Will your team score more goals than your opponents before you run out of time?

How to Play Football Superstars 2022?

Football Superstars 2022 is a simple and exciting arcade game that will put you in charge of a national team in either a single match or a tournament. Will you be able to help your team score tons of goals?

Game Controls

  • PRESS A to do a long pass to another player.
  • PRESS S to do a normal pass or switch players.
  • PRESS D to tackle a player on the other team.
  • PRESSING D AT THE SAME TIME AS AN ARROW KEY WHILE YOU HAVE THE BALL will let you aim and shoot it toward the other team's goal.

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Who Developed Football Superstars 2022?

Football Superstars 2022 was created by Inlogic Software.