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Eco Inc. Save the Earth Planet

A battle to defeat global climate change is about to begin in Eco Inc. Save the Earth Planet. Can you help protect the world in this environmental game?

The planet is being threatened by everything from forest fires to poachers. Now it's time to strike back in this simulation game. You'll be put in charge of an eco-organization devoted to launching conservation projects all around the world.

Work to preserve habitats for wildlife everywhere from North America to Australia while you keep track of increases in regional temperatures, monitor deforestation, and plenty more. There's tons of stuff to do, so roll up your sleeves and get started. Mother Earth really needs your help!

How to Play Eco. Inc. Save the Earth Planet?

Eco Inc. Save the Earth Planet is a fun and challenging educational game. Become a leader in an influential eco-organization while you oversee conversation projects on both land and sea all across the globe.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to begin projects, access data, and more.

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Who Developed Eco. Inc. Save the Earth Planet?

Eco. Inc. Save the Earth Planet was created by GameFirst.