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Drift Cars

Play Drift Cars and get ready to burn some rubber! Wheel to the race tracks and show off your drifting and driving skills in this riveting car drifting game.

How to play Drift Cars

The goal is to complete a lap around the racetrack as quickly as possible. You’re free to drift to your heart’s content, but keep an eye on the timer! At the end of every level, you’ll gain in-game currency based on the track and your drifts, so make them count!

In the shop, you can purchase new vehicles with the money you’ve earned on the track. You can also customize the cars you already have. Change the wheels and smoke colors, for example. You can unlock a total of 12 cars, and the game includes 5 tracks to explore.

Tips for Drift Cars

This car game can be quite difficult. Make sure you stay on the asphalt, as this will allow you to control your speed better. If you end up drifting off the track, you’ll also receive a penalty and time spent off-track will be tacked onto your total time.

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Who made this game?

Drift Cars was developed by JulGames.

When was Drift Cars released?

This game came out in December 2018.