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Dr. Panda's Airport

There’s tons of stuff to do in this terminal. Are you ready to help out at Dr. Panda’s Airport?

There's lots of really cute animals who are trying to catch their flights in this fun game for kids that's from the Dr. Panda collection. Can you make sure they get to their gates on time? Dr. Panda would also really appreciate it if you could lend his workers a hand, or a paw, in the lost and found room. A few passengers have misplaced their keys and some other stuff, too.

Click around the terminal and you’ll find lots of additional activities. There’s even a cow who can’t quite figure out how to use the payphones in this educational game!

How to Play Dr. Panda’s Airport?

It's another busy day at this adorable airport. Explore the terminal and discover all the different ways you can help out.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE while you look around the airport.
  • LEFT CLICK to select passengers, choose items, and more.

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Can I Play Dr. Panda’s Airport on Mobile?

Absolutely! You can help out Dr. Panda and his friends by downloading the game from Google Play, Apple App Store, or the Amazon App Store for Android.

Who Developed Dr. Panda’s Airport?

Dr. Panda’s Airport was created by Dr. Panda LTD.