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Cookie Crush 3

Cookie Crush 3 is a sweet tile-matching puzzle game with over 700 levels to solve. Line up the matching candy and cookies and collect the items on your list.

How to play Cookie Crush 3?

Swap around the delicious treats to create lines and columns with three or more of the same kind. These tiles will vanish, and new sugary sweets will tumble down to fill their place.

In each level, you will receive one or more missions to complete. Try to finish each task before you run out of moves. The mission and moves counter are displayed in the biscuit-shaped panel to the right of the board.

Unlock various bombs and power-boosters as you play, and use them when you need them most to complete the trickiest tasks. Earn daily rewards and trade in-game coins to gather a supply of extra boosters.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Tap and drag an icon to swap it with a neighboring tile

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Who created Cookie Crush 3?

This edition of Cookie Crush 3 was created by Agame in collaboration with the original producer of the series, Softgames.

When was Cookie Crush 3 first released?

This game was first released in July 2018, and updated in October 2023.