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Cat Sorter Puzzle

Cat Sorter Puzzle is a funny sorting game featuring colorful kittens. Move the matching moggies to the right cat seats.

How to play Cat Sorter Puzzle?

The objective is to move the cats from one cat seat to the other, sorting them by the and color. You must complete the levels by grouping together all of the cats of the same kind.

This sorting puzzle has slightly different rules than Sand Sort Puzzle and most of the other sorting puzzles you might be familiar with, however:

  1. The cat seats have different heights. Taller cat seats can hold more felines than shorter ones. So be sure to count the different cats before you start moving them, or you might find that the seat you’ve chosen doesn’t have enough space.
  2. Some seats are color-coded. You can only place cats that have matching fur on these cat pillows.
  3. You can temporarily park the cats anywhere you like, provided there is enough space and the seat isn’t color-coded. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match with the other cats.  

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Who created Cat Sorter Puzzle?

Cat Sorter Puzzle was created by Gametok. 

When was Cat Sorter Puzzle first released?

This game was first released on June 10, 2024.