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Car Stunt Racing 3D

Car Stunt Racing 3D is a fast-paced car racing game. You’ll need lighting-speed reflexes to dodge the many obstacles on these futuristic racetracks. Can you stay ahead of your opponents?  

How to play Car Stunt Racing 3D?

The aim of this game is to weave between the moving obstacles racetrack and cross the finish line first. Swerve to the right or left to dodge giant propellor blades, spike-studded barriers, swinging hammers, and more! Leap over neon ramps and collect booster items as you go.

Especially when you engage the nitro fuel boost, your reflexes must be quick as lightning to avoid a crash. If you do smash your car into a barrier, you’ll get to continue a few meters before the spot where you crashed… but your opponents will likely have gotten ahead of you!

Earn prize money to upgrade your car and your driver. You can also collect coins to unlock different cars and customize your ride.   

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Who created Car Stunt Racing 3D?

Car Stunt Racing 3D was created by YAD. 

When was Car Stunt Racing 3D first released?

This game was first released on June 6, 2024.