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Candy Rain 6

Candy Rain 6 is a colorful tile-matching game featuring candy drops. Make the sweets on the board swap places to create rows and columns of three or more.

How to play Candy Rain 6?

In each level, you'll have to collect certain items. You can do this by creating match-3 combinations using the colorful candy drops and jelly beans. Line up three or more of the same ones to remove them from the board.

Combinations with 4 or 5 sweets will yield one of several types of bombs. You can also combine bombs by dragging them toward each other to create even bigger candy explosions.

You have a limited number of moves per level, so be sure to prioritize completing the objectives shown in the panel above the board. Any moves you have left by the end of the level will be used to create bombs for a final candy cascade. 

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While the earlier (flash) versions of the game are currently unavailable, you can also play the next episode, Candy Rain 7, on our site.

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Who created Candy Rain 6?

Candy Rain 6 was created by Agame. 

When was Candy Rain 6 first released?

This game was released on August 15, 2023.