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Candy Tile Blast

Candy Tile Blast is a fun tile-matching puzzle game with 60 levels to complete. Blast away groups of two or more of the same tiles to collect all the items on your task list.

How to play Candy Tile Blast?

In each level of this colored blocks game, you’ll see a grid filled with colorful tiles. Clear away the matching tiles to collect them. Find groups of identical tiles and tap them to remove them from the board. New tiles will appear to fill the gaps, and the tiles you’ve collected will be marked on your task list.

By clearing away big clusters of tiles, you can unlock rockets and bombs. Use them to clear away additional tiles, or combine them for an even more powerful blast.

Pay attention to the order in which you clear away the tiles though. If you run out of moves you’ll have to start the level over again!

Game Controls

Use the MOUSE to play. Tap any combination of two or more of the same blocks to make them disappear.

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Who developed Candy Tile Blast?

Candy Tile Blast was developed by BestGamesFreePlay.