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Vega Mix: Fairy Town

Vega Mix: Fairy Town is a match-3 game with a fun winter storyline. Vicky, the protagonist of Vega Mix 2: Mystery of Island, is back for a new puzzle adventure. Can you help her rescue the village of Santa’s Elves after a heavy snowstorm?

How to play Vega Mix: Fairy Town?

The aim is to collect the items shown on the panel to the left of the board. You can do this by lining up three or the same icons by making two neighboring ones swap places.

Collect the lizards, shrink away the stone dragons, and remove the ropes locking certain tiles into place. Each Match-3 level cleared will earn you one star. Collect enough stars to complete all the tasks around the village that need seeing to.

Once you’ve cleared away the snow and fixed the broken bridge to Santa’s workshop, you can help the Mayor on a quest to figure out what caused this sudden heavy snowfall.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Tap and drag the icons to swap them around

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Who created Vega Mix: Fairy Town?

Vega Mix: Fairy Town was created by Broccoli Games.

When was Vega Mix: Fairy Town first released?

This game was first released in February, 2024.