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Bullet Rush Online

Plenty of action and excitement is waiting for you in Bullet Rush Online.

Team up with a fearless soldier as she tries to mow down entire armies of monsters in each thrilling level. She’ll need to blast them to bits while she fights her way to the helipads in this shooting game. There’s also dangerous mechanical traps she’ll need to avoid as well. Those gigantic sawblades, for example? Yeah, those should definitely be avoided at all costs!

How to Play Bullet Rush Online?

Bullet Rush Online is a fast-paced action game. Fight your way through the hordes of monsters while you attempt to reach the helipad at the end of every level. There's also cash you can earn to trade in for better weapons and abilities.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of the soldier.
  • MOVE THE MOUSE to guide her through each level.

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Who Developed Bullet Rush Online?

Bullet Rush Online was created by