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Aqua Blocks

Go on a journey under the sea in Aqua Blocks. How quickly can you remove a group of shapes from the board in this casual puzzle game?

You’ll need to find spots for them first, of course! Try to fit as many of them as you can onto the board in this match game. Once their segments form complete rows, they'll disappear. If you start running out of space, click on the helpful merman. He'll use his magical trident to destroy a bunch of them for you.

How to Play Aqua Blocks?

Aqua Blocks is a cute puzzle game that's similar to Tetris. Find spots for the shapes on the board. When their segments form a full row, they'll be removed.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, DRAG, AND DROP to place a shape on the board.

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Who Developed Aqua Blocks?

Aqua Blocks was created by Freak X Apps.